Kennels and cattery information

We pride ourselves on looking after your animals as you would. If you (or your cat or dog) have any special requests let us know and we will do our best to help.


  • We offer dogs individual use of grass exercise runs, allowing at least 2hrs free running per day, with interactive play as required.
  • All dogs have access to their own kennel and concrete run all day and are only closed in when it gets dark or the weather dictates.
  • Beds are supplied, but owners are recommended to bring their dog's own bedding and toys to help them settle.
  • We supply a variety of wet and dry foods (included in the price) but owners may bring their dog's own food if required (we allow a discount for this).
  • All kennels are individually heated (charged extra) to suit each dog's needs. Our standard kennels can accommodate up to 2 large or 3 small dogs comfortably but we are also able to accommodate 3-4 dogs from one family in 2 kennels with adjoining runs.
  • Our kennels are not enclosed within a building, therefore reducing noise levels (better suited to the more nervous and anxious dog) and lowering the risk of cross-infection.
  • We accept bitches in season.

Here is Caddy, one of our lovely, award winning Tierman Bouvier Des Flandres


  • We have an indoor cattery which provides warmth and protection from the elements.
  • Each unit offers a separate exercise area and we supply the beds. Owners can bring their pet's own bedding and toys to make them feel at home.
  • We supply a variety of wet and dry foods (included in the price) but owners may bring their cat's own food if required (we allow a slight discount for this).
  • Our standard cat units can accommodate up to 2 cats from the same family but we can accommodate up to 6 from one family as our units have adjoining cat flaps.
  • Our cattery is situated away from the main kennel blocks.

Some customer comments


My rescue Patterdale x border terrier is an extremely nervous little girl, I was very concerned about leaving her in Kennels. I telephoned the owner Ann-Marie, explaining my concerns and was immediately put at ease. A pre-visit was suggested with Summer, once we arrived she was made a fuss of, shown around the kennels and introduced to all of the staff who would be caring for her. Summer is not too great with other dogs, Ann-Marie suggested we bring her to the kennels for a couple of weeks before boarding her, so that Summer gets used to the noises, smells and close proximity of other boarding dogs, all of this with no extra charge. We were extremely pleased with the service we received and Summer spent an enjoyable weekend at Huntingford. I would have no hesitation in recommending the kennels to anyone (they are regularly inspected by the Council).


Boarded my dog here on numerous occasions, never had any problems with either the staff or the accommodation. My dog is very nervous about new things and especially around dogs, but the staff made her feel welcome right from the beginning. Would definitely recommend these boarding kennels.


I was very anxious about boarding my Jack Russell Puppy as she is tiny and very hyper. However the team at Huntingford Boarding Kennels completely put my mind at rest. I was able to ring and speak to them about my concerns before booking. Once booked the team reassured me she would be fine. We dropped of Holly and she was greeted as if she was a long lost friend, they made such a fuss of her! I was able to explain Holly's diet and I pre-warned the staff that she was very hyper, none of this seemed to phase them at all.

When we collected Holly, she looked so relaxed, like she was the one who'd had a holiday! I would absolutely recommend Huntingford, the team are lovely and have years and years worth of experience between them. In fact we are booking in again for our next break away.


I have repeatedly used these boarding kennels and will continue to do so. My dog is a happy and well balanced spaniel and loves to visit this holiday home. He is very well cared for by all the staff and always returns home well and happy. I would have no problem in recommending this caring, fairly priced service.